Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The best $1.99 nail polish ev-ah!

(Quickie read). I came across Sinful Colors nail polish at Walgreens a couple of years ago. It is one of the most well-priced, easy to apply nail polishes that come in a plethora of gorgeous colors. Nothing puts a smile on my face like looking at color on my nails.  Yes, I do believe that something as simple as painted nails can turn a frown upside down!
Disclosure : I had my three year old jumping on my chair while I was applying the color. Therefore, application is 'keeping it real'.
Sinful Colors Energetic Red // $1.99 // Walgreens 
Two coat application 
Below is 6 days after I first painted my nails for the blogpost. Granted the color is not as shiny but no chips, peeling or flaking. Just growth showing! And you know this Mummo to three sure gives her hands a workout!

Photo credit : TheStyleConfessions.com

Have you ever tried Sinful Colors? The name sure sounds fun!

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Maxi dresses with pockets at Kohls! x

I did one of my favorite things yesterday morning. I went and met up with fellow Bay Area blogger Ask Suzanne Bell! After our coffee and catch up on all fabulous things blogging, we headed into Kohl's for a little look-see. And what did I find the moment I walked in the door? These awesome maxi-dresses WITH POCKETS and for only $27.99. Summer is around the corner and it's predicted to be a hot one, so I suggest you go to Kohl's and get your maxi-dress on. GOSH I LOVE A DRESS WITH POCKETS! 
After you've checked out my find on maxi dresses, head on over to AskSuzanneBell  for her post "Fab for Less Weekend Deals" on Kohl's denims, blouses and shoes from our Kohl's adventure. 
Look at the plethora of patterns, colors and designs. My friend Suzanne picked up the same dress at JC Penny last summer, and not only did she get a ton of wear out of it but it washed super well (no dryer).

Did I tell you already that I LOVE a dress with pockets????

While I was there,  I also found these really fun shirts by Apt9. I love that they were over sized, were longer in the back, and that there was a fun bright print on the front and a solid color in the back.  Paired with the statement necklace  I saw on display, this shirt would look great paired with some distressed denim jeans! If you know me, you'll know I love a bit of color!

Now, don't forget to head on over now to http://asksuzannebell.com to read everything Kohl's denim, shoes and blouses. You'll have a fun time with her #stylechallenge below on her blog. Which jacket is Joe's Jeans and which is Kohl's???? Hmmm, let me think!
The wonderful AskSuzanneBell, herself.

What's your greatest find at Kohl's lately ?

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

YummoMummo meets Mox Shoes USA

I wish you could walk a mile in my shoes.  Meet MoxShoes USA.  Originating from Australia (makes me especially proud to be Aussie), these basket-weaved ballet flats are 100% man-made rubber that mold to your feet for pure comfort. It doesn't matter the shape of your foot, Mox Shoes can work for anyone. The weave design is very SS15 (Spring/Summer 2015) and it allows your feet to breath, which is great news for the summer months. And don't forget the weave will also allow you to catch a glimpse of your super cute pedicure.  I can't stress enough how versatile these shoes are. Dress them up for work and throw them on with your bathing suit for the pool. And being waterproof, they are so easy to clean.  I've not taken mine off since they arrived, and want them in every color. I have a feeling you will be seeing Mox shoes on every stylish foot this summer! 

YummoMummo readers can use promo code YUMMOMUMMO at check out to receive 10% off their order. This offer is only valid till May 21st so don't delay if you want this fabulousness on your feet this Spring! www.moxshoes.com

Think of it as a ballet flat met a flip flop and they had a baby. Awww.

I walked the 40 minute round trip to school drop off and pick up last week, and purposely put on my Mox Shoes as they are so comfortable for walking. Imagine how great for women on their feet all day!

Look at the rainbow of fabulous colors // Black // Coral // Blueberry // Platinum // Latte. All $39.99, free introductory offer shipping.

Mox Shoes arrive in this super cute recyclable shopping bag. So you can carry your shopping and look so stylish doing so. 

I interviewed Stacey and Amber who are heading up MoxUSA, to learn a bit more about them and MoxShoes USA........

How was Mox Shoes USA born?
Family of Stacey's friends in Australia started the business in 2011.  When they came to visit Stacey in the USA they brought her a pair and it was love at first wear.  After that, whenever Stacey visited Australia, she would bring them back for Amber and other US friends.  Every time we wore them we always got asked about them and thought the American market would love them just as much as we did.  We approached the Australian company and when they were ready to expand to the USA we were in business.  It was started by a stay at home Mom in Australia, which worked well for Amber and Stacey as well because we were both stay at home moms.  Mox Shoes USA was born in the Spring of 2015.

What is your best piece of style advice?
With being busy Mom's, we want to make sure we can look great on the run as we move from one activity to the next.  Versatility is key for us.  We love outfits that can move you from school pick up, soccer training then onto a date night with the hubby.  Oh, and we love stripes! Our closets are full of striped t-shirts, sweaters and dresses.

Tell us three fun facts about yourself?
1.  It's an all girl show here.  Amber has 2 daughters and Stacey has 3, between us they range from 12 yrs old to 4 months old.
2.  Both of us have ties to Australia.  Stacey is Australian and Amber lived there for a year.  Miss those Aussie beaches and friends!
3. We are fair weather girls.  The warm weather gives us all the opportunities to do the things we love such as hiking, swimming, backyard barbecues and of course sipping some bubbles on a summers evening.

Who is your Mox Shoes USA audience?

Mox shoes are such a versatile shoe that this anywhere shoe appeals to a large clientele. We have customers ranging from as young as 9 to as mature as 75. They are great for women from all walks of life, especially those who are on their feet continually such as teachers, hairdressers, and Mom's. Their cute basket weave pattern and comfort also appeals to tweens as well!

YummoMummo readers can use promo code YUMMOMUMMO at check out to receive 10% off their order. This offer is only valid till May 21st so don't delay if you want this fabulousness on your feet this Spring! www.moxshoes.com

All photos and written content are property of YummoMummo. Disclaimer : I was gifted one pair of Mox Shoes. YummoMummo receives a percentage of the sale through click-through to purchase. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Get your Jam(berry Nails) on x

T.G.I.F!   And I am especially thankful that I will be going out to celebrate a friend's birthday tonight. So first things first, the finer details, such as nails! I was recently sent these divine nail strips from Jamberry Nails and was waiting on the perfect opportunity to try them out.
I have done a previous post on nail strips by Sally Hansen Nail Effects, see HERE. So I was familiar with the process.
I chose a Burberry Chevron design. It is ultra important that you prep the nail so it is free from oil and to rough up the nail bed a bit with the file if you want it to stick. They are supposed to last up to 2 weeks.
This is everyitng that came in my little kit. A catalogue of the plethora of designs, a heat bag, cuticle stick, rubber cuticle pusher, nail file, coconut oil for removal, a prep wipe and one strip of nails sheets. I had to cut the nail sheet down the middle to make enough. 
Pretty simple. I used a hairdryer to warm the sheet before I put it on the nail, smoothed it down with the soft cuticle stick, and then trimmed the excess with my nail scissors.  The heat of the hairdryer was super hot on my skin so I kept a low setting. But I can see why this is important. I have a bean bag that came with my set,  I will heat it up tomorrow and go over the nails for maintenance.
For step by step instructions, as well as trouble-shooting, CLICK HERE. Jam on! 

Have you ever tried Jamberry? 
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Disclosure: I was sent this pack by consultants for Jamberry. Written content and photos are property of YummoMummo.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Magic (Skincare) Wand!

This little wondrous baby has been on my wish list for quite a while. I wanted the Clarisonic because I truly believe the more attention I pay to my skin, helping keep it at optimal moisture and cleanse, it will age better and I will be SO grateful in my much later years. The price point was why it remained on my wish list but I finally thought, 'Heck, I'm worth it!' (as are you!). When it comes to the health and well being of my aging skin, I don't want to skimp. 
I chose the Clarisonic Mia 1 at Sephora // $99 // Variety of colors. Waterproof. 1 speed. Oscillating head.  
To quote Clarisonic "Unlike spinning devices, our patented sonic cleansing technology works with skin's natural elasticity,oscillating at a sonic frequency that produces over 300 movements per second. The resulting flexing action created between the outer and inner brushes works to loosen dirt and oil, removing deep-seated impurities from pores and priming skin to better absorb topical treatments".

The Mia 1 comes with a charger and a cleanser sample. It can be used for all skin types including acne prone, aging (me!), large pores and sensitive skin. 
Although it comes with a cleanser, any cleanser can be used as long as it does not have granules or is abrasive  I have religiously used the Origins Checks and Balances // $21 // in the shower for years, as does my hubby, so I put a dollop of this on the Clarisonic and cleanse away. 
The Clarisonic times out after one minute.  I make sure to go all over my neck too. The oscillating bristles feel very soft. From the first time I used the Clarisonic, my face felt squeaky clean. And when I applied my usual routine of Josie Maran Argan Oil after the shower, I could just feel it soaking so beautifully into my skin. 

Some YummoMummo tips:
  • Don't overuse the recommended once a day;  overuse can lead to broken capillaries, dry skin etc. 
  • Clean the brush as instructed to get rid of any germs, debris build up, bacteria.
  • Don't share with family or friends; cross contamination of bacteria.
Have you used the Clarisonic or similar? Yay or Nay? 
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Friday, April 10, 2015

MORE Lights, Camera, Style! X

I have continued to have an absolute ball working with the uber talented and stylish Amber Harrison, Style and Trend Expert of Wedding Paper Divas, a division of Shutterfly.
It's not uncommon to find her in front of the camera, whether it be at media events or in her latest ongoing project, filming short videos that focus on wedding tips called "Small Talk, Big Day".
So my job is to help this lady look even more fabulous! As I have said before, Amber is one of my top five stylish Mumma's, but she has zero time, so she looks to me to support her in putting together outfits for the camera. So I wanted to give you another behind the scenes glimpse on working with the wonderful lady since my last post featuring Amber, titled Lights, Camera, Style.
You can click through to the videos at the end to see Amber in action and get some ah-mazing wedding tips for your own big day. The videos are also available at the Wedding Paper Diva's channel of You Tube HERE OR through www.smalltalkbigday.com

I adore this dress, especially the color! The tapered cuffs are just so cute, with the perfect amount of billow. Paired with a gold belt and a fabulous statement necklace.
Above is the set we are working with, where all the magic of Small Talk, Big Day takes place. We need to work with the design and colors to compliment in what she wears on set. Multiple locations are used whether it be sitting on that incredible pink lounger, standing at the desk or sitting in front of  the laptop. What FUN!

Love the design of this blouse and the black and white colors compliment the colors in the set. It's paired with a fabulous black tulle skirt!
The circular shapes in her statement necklace match the long sleeves of her sweater.  And check out that set wall - circular!
If you want YummoMummo in your wardrobe for style and inspiration,  go to my 'Work with me' page.
Want to see the full video? They run under 2 minutes each. 

Social Media Ettiqutte for Weddings
If you are watching from a mobile device, click HERE

Mailing Wedding Invitations - Tips and Advice
If you are watching from a mobile device, click HERE

What is your favorite outfit combination?
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Yummo Kimono x

I see the oh so wonderful Kimono as comfort clothing. Much like a cozy bathrobe.  As summer approaches, I am seeing so many kimono's online and in stores. If you follow me on Polyvore (my profile link HERE), you will see some sets I have put together for inspirations on how to incorporate a fun kimono into your own wardrobe. Also, go to my Polyvore profile for pricing & details. There are different kimono lengths and trims such as black thick trim in the first set and fringing in others - another fun SS15 trend. One note on fringing - follow washing directions to the letter so the fringing does not fray - take it from from someone who learnt the hard way.

Kimono Inspiration #1

High waisted shorts are huge for SS15 which I am happy to see. I expect to see them continue into high-waisted pants for the Fall, let's see if my prediction is right! I have mixed some patterns here with the stripes and floral as well as adding some versatility in the earrings by choosing fun front/back earrings. Pop in some gold flats for a little bling.

Kimono Inspiration #2

This just screams Hawaii. And I know a certain YummoMummo who is heading there to celebrate her awesome husbands 40th birthday this summer. The above combination is very flowy and fancy free. The braiding in the sandal is so SS15.  Insert cocktail into hand to complete this uber comfortable look.

Kimono Inspiration #3

Imagine this fun set for a lunch with the girls. Some champagne colors to match your champagne in hand! 

Kimono Inspiration #4

Ready to hit the Sunday markets in this fun set. Again, high waisted shorts set the SS15 scene, and paired with the red shoes which is flattering to the eye with this streamlined look. The slogan top is a great reminder to live life to the fullest, we all need a reminder some days.  I love the painted bracelet that pulls the black and white colors and compliments a pop of color in the red.

What is your favorite outfit combination?
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Friday, April 3, 2015


The story goes a little something like this - I went to buy some black ballet flats, and in true YummoMummo fashion, I walked out with a beautifully fun pair of striped flats! Ballet flats with a bit of funk? Yes please! 
I think that a striped shoe can really finish off an outfit with a little something extra. I wanted to show you some outfit inspirations wearing these fantastically fabulous striped flats. 

Women's Ona Scrunch Ballet Flat // $14 // Target HERE 
Black Pants // gifted
Stripe shirt // Nordstrom Rack // past season
Women's Ona Scrunch Ballet Flat  // $14 // Target HERE
Jeans // NYDJ // past season
Black tunic // H&M // past season
Women's Ona Scrunch Ballet Flat // $14 // Target HERE
Black Skirt // Nordstrom Rack // past season
Black Singlet // H&M // past season
Women's Ona Scrunch Ballet Flat // $14 // Target HERE
Gap 1969 Girlfriend Jeans // $69.95 // current HERE
Orange Jacket // Zara // past season
White T-shirt // past season

What is your favorite outfit combination?
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***I am not a trained photographer, and not trained in how to pose in photos. In being truly authentic, I have used my own clothes and myself in the photos. Enjoy***