Collabs & Testimonials

"Thank you so much for all the time, care and love you have put into helping me! I can't tell you how beautiful and confident you've helped me to feel!" - A.H.

"You are an incredibly talented & gifted person when it comes to fashion. You helped me put together a few outfits with things I never would have considered & when u left I ended up feeling much better about myself & my clothes". -L.B.

I would love to work with you! Click on the links for detailed information, but here is a snippet of some fabulous collaborations I have had the pleasure of working on.
  • Mox Shoes USA are weaved ballet flat made of 100% man made rubber and comes in 5 colors. This post got a tonne of traffic and sales.  Hands down, comfort plus. Have them in black and coral, myself! For details, click HERE
  • I recently consulted for Wedding Paper Divas, a division of Shutterfly and helped the incredibly talented Amber Harrison prepare for a media event.  For all the behind the scenes action, read more HERE
  • Georgie Wear creates fun athletic dresses for busy women who want to be comfortable but not compromise on style. Read more HERE
  • Sonnet James is a dress label start up based in Palo Alto. The founder, Whitney, encourages women to have fun with their kids by getting down and playing, while looking stylishly fabulous in a Sonnet James dress. Read more HERE.
  • Hipsters for Sisters are fanny packs reinvented as classic chic. Read HERE for how YummoMummo styled them as well as how you can get your hands on one of these Vegan bags for yourself with my discount code. 
  • Shopping with YummoMummo. I took one awesome Mum of four little ones, bought 11 new items and made 18 incredibly stylish outfits for a Mum on the run. Read HERE. And in her words "Thanks YummoMummo for being such a wonderful inspiration to me. Your ease with looking so fabulous is contagious and I look so forward to your next post. You've helped me realize that personal style can and should be fun and achievable, on any budget. It's all about how it makes you feel. Thanks for taking us on this wonderful journey with you" - N.N.

"I love YummoMummo as it gives me suggestions about what to wear, makeup and other things that can come handy for all women out there. Melissa has such an appealing style, being clever about what she is writing, yet so down to earth. I think this is what makes her so unique and easy to relate to.  I love reading what she is up to and especially loved one of her posts about jewelry organization. I got so inspired so I went ahead and did the same myself (see photo above). I had all my jewelry in a drawer and did seldom change, after I read her post I fixed a jewelry rack in my walk in closet, so now I go and get dressed and have it there, right in front of my eyes. Such a clever way, not a lot of effort, yet a great impact on the way I use my jewelry. And this is it. Melissa finds creative and affordable ways, to make great changes when it comes to style." M.O.  Jewelry Organization post, click HERE

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