Friday, October 31, 2014

Polka Dot Sweater x

Sweater season has arrived and I wanted to celebrate and share a fabulous sweater I picked up at H&M last weekend. AND I see it is on sale now for $15 online, I paid $24.95 full price (but it's still a steal at full price).
This sweater could be worn in so many different ways. You could place a tank top underneath as I did, or you could add a fabulous button down shirt. You know I have been talking a lot about denim and chambray recently and chambray shirt would pair beautifully. I wore the outfit with red ballet flats but could you imagine how cute this outfit would look with a red button down shirt or a red tank top underneath peeping through. Add a denim jacket for an extra layer. 
Other shoe ideas could be boots (personally I would of worn brown boots to break up the black on bottom half, but black boots either knee or ankle would be just as great). See below for all the other designs available in this sweater. This sweater is lightweight and is 20% nylon, 65% acrylic, 15% wool. Machine wash on cold, hang or lay flat to dry. The Jean leggings I am wearing are my NYDJ velvet pair as shown in my Nordstrom Rack Style on a Budget post. I have had so much wear out of them and it's not even winter yet! I'm winning! 

Polka Dot
Beige/ Striped
As you can see, the back is a little bit longer than the front, just slightly, but enough for a bit of trunk coverage.

Beige / Patterned
Navy Blue
*Disclosure: I am not a trained photographer nor trained in how to pose for photos, I am just a Mum trying to share some insights and inspiration with you. In being truly authentic to my cause, I have used my own clothes and used myself in the photos whole-heartily. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Winter Headwear x

One of my most favorite things about winter is starting to be able to rug up a bit more, throw on some layers and warm my hands with my Latte clutched in the palms of my hands.
So time to go over some trends for Winter in the head wear department.

You know I love a good staple and I am sure a great beanie and matching scarf should be in every person's winter closet. So many colors and so many kinds of knits to explore. And don't forget what a great Fall project it can make, so get out your knitting sticks and have some fun with it. (Disclosure: not yarn creative myself, but surely wish I was).

Next up is turning the summer Fedora into more of an appropriate hat for your winter wardrobe, same shape but in a black felt. You could totally bling out this basic base out with some ribbon color of choice, even add a feather, get a bit creative with your glue gun!
Brim Hat in Wool

Another trend for Winter are Faux Fur Hats. You know I am always pro-Faux Fur.

Unreal Fur Womens Natasha Hat $74

Top Shop Faux Fur Trapper Hat $52
I purchased this knitted headband about 5 years ago back in New York days, I think it was from a stall at some Manhattan markets one sunny winter's day. Love it as it's taken me to California now and I can still wear it even though it doesn't get nearly as cold as the East Coast. I have found a similar one on Etsy, details below.
Flower Power Headband. Found on Etsy for $22 by SchoolSpiritKnits.
The Snood is another Fall 2014 trend and it looks super comfortable and I can't wait to get my hands on one of these. I love this one I found on Etsy, it is current.
Wheatfield Knitwear  Knitted Snood $36.53
I am going to be attending the annual Melbourne Cup Event that I co-host in the Bay Area and as you know, when it comes to the races, a fabulous hat is mandatory. Since it's getting cold, this year I am opting for a floppy woollen hat that I will be blinging out with a gorgeous floppy unreal flower in a cream color. Stay watching for that post.....  But for now, here is a sneaky peak of the hat I will be wearing. (It will be 8pm in the dark of night, California time when it's sunny skies in Melbourne at time of race)

On a final note, my lovely Canadian crew here in sunny California have requested I not leave out the Tuque which is a knit hat in Canadian English.  Cheers to you Canada!
So there you have it my friends,  so many wonderful warm head wear suggestions to keep your noggin's heated and looking fabulous.
As always, keep on styling and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

*Disclosure: I am not a trained photographer nor trained in how to pose for photos, I am just a Mum trying to share some insights and inspiration with you. In being truly authentic to my cause, I have used my own clothes and used myself in the photos whole-heartedly. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Guidelines: Denim on Denim x

I've been asked the question: "How do I wear denim on denim?" Read on, and I am going to answer exactly that. 
I think a Chambray shirt could almost be included as a staples mix to your  closet. Mix it up by introducing some fun pieces to the denim on denim to break it up. Be aware that wearing lighter denim will highlight the areas it is hitting, so if you want a more figure flattering shade, go darker.  Don't go beyond the denim on denim such as adding a denim handbag, denim shoes or other denim accessories. If you want to take it slow, some baby steps could include wearing a denim jacket with white denim jeans, or a denim/chambray shirt with black denim pants. Below  I am showing you how I have broken up the denim another way by adding a longer stripe top. You could totally play around with this and add any sort of longer shirt or even a longer jumper under a denim jacket. 

You could add some statement heels as seen in picture above or even a statement necklace as shown below.  

Now, let us move on to wearing a denim skirt. I have a favorite denim pencil skirt I purchased from Gap years ago and it has had a heck of a lot of wear out of me, another staple might I suggest. Wear the denims in different shades, as shown here, I have a lighter chambray top and a darker denim skirt. 

Following is another example of wearing the same darker denim pencil skirt but this time adding a lace peplum top that has a chambray base coming through. I purchased this peplum last summer and I find a pencil skirt is just the bottom to pair it with. 

A Fall/Winter must have this season is a fur jacket (faux, of course, darlings). I have worn this faux fur vest with my denim base and helped to break up the denim by adding some contrast on top. Some gold glitter ballet flats to boot, and your ready to rock it out the door. 

Now for some denim fun...... a few months ago I had a fun time harnessing my inner J-Lo as I re-created an outfit I found her wearing in a magazine, denim on denim.  No judging please! This is for your viewing pleasure.

Now lastly comes the important stuff.
How to look after your denim - Never put it in the dryer.  Wash on cold and hang or line dry. And follow the label when you buy a new pair. If it says "Color may run if you rub against anything light", listen. I once had an aquaintance sit on my cream coloured couch and she was wearing a new pair of dark denim pants, and they got all over my cream couch - awkward!

As you can see here and in many of my other posts, fashion and styling are supposed to be total fun. The goals of styling, in my book, is to muck around with it, color a little outside the lines if you want but most of all, help it make you to feel more confident about yourself and that you are giving back to yourself.

Keep on styling yummy friends and leave me a comment below. 

*Disclosure: I am not a trained photographer nor trained in how to pose for photos, I am just a Mum trying to share some insights and inspiration with you. In being truly authentic to my cause, I have used my own clothes and used myself in the photos whole-heartedly. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Closet staples x

The Perfect white T - a great base  to wear with anything, and I mean anything. Inexpensive so you can constantly update to keep it looking super fresh. Imagine this gorgeously simple T with a statement necklace, or some simple pearl earrings. Style with some boyfriend jeans to keep it casual or pair with a pencil skirt and some killer heels for a night out on the town. 

Little Boy Tee $60 Vince

Jeans - first you have to find out what the most flattering would be for you depending on your body shape but to have a pair of boot cut, skinny, and distressed boyfriend jeans would be a good start. Skinny will be great for winter when you want to tuck your boots in, boot cut are super cute with some ballet flats and boyfriend jeans are great for having some fun on the weekend. Three of my go-to places for jeans are Gap, NYDJ & 7 For all Mankind. I also really like these ones below from Topshop. 

Moto Ripped Lucas Jeans $85

A Blazer - you can roll the cuffs up once or twice, add a cool brooch or a flower. Even pop the collar up for a more preppy look. If you really want to add some color to your wardrobe, choose a fun color such as tangerine or a bottle green. 

Single button blazer in Black. Xhileration Target. $30.

The Denim Jacket - you will be seeing this little baby in your wardrobe forever more. Maybe even a couple with one in a lighter shade of denim and then a darker as shown in the picture. I love that Denim jackets are easy to throw in the wash and put on a hanger to dry, can easily be tied around your waist, and can be embellished with a cute brooch. Again, pop the collar for a more preppy look. 

Kut from the Kloth Denim Jacket $74.50

Black Dress (LBD) - this piece has always gotten a lot of attention as it is just so verstatile. A great base. Imagine this cute dress paired with a denim jacket and leopard flats for a casual lunch with the girls or paired with a tangerine blazer and some black pumps for a more professional look.

Mock Neck Sheath Dress $89.50

A Pencil Skirt - I love a pencil skirt as it can allow you to tuck your shirt and accentuate what might be the smallest part of your body, so very figure flattering. Pair with some opaque stockings and boots or booties for the winter. 
Curvy Fit Scuba Pencil Skirt $69.50

Shoes  - a good start is a black pair, a nude pair,  a color pair and if you feel daring - an animal print pair.  An absolute must as well are some great black heels.  
Sam Edelman Noah in Nude $100

Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet $79
Anne Klein Buttons $79

Plums, eggplants and purples are a trending color this fall so why not go with what's 'in' and choose a color such as this Plum pair! The mouse design is just darling and adds something so unique to your style. Too cute!
Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Mouse Ballerina $198

Tory Burch Greenwich 85mm pump  $275

Can you imagine all the outfits you could make with just these closet staples? Add some bling and color with jewelery, lipsticks and nail polish and your ready to rock it out the door and looking stylish, ladies!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Call me the "Accessories Queen" x

Accessories can work magic on an outfit. It can liven up the most basic of canvas & can also allow you to really have some fun and creativity when dressing. 


Bracelets are also known as an 'arm party', and everyone is invited in my case. As you can see in the picture below, I love to stack and style a bunch together. I like to add a few more bangles in colours and metal tones to match. Adding a watch is another exciting idea. 


Necklaces come in many styles - you have your chunky, delicate, statement, metals, beaded, the list could go on. Necklaces look great with anything from a party dress to a button down shirt to just simply on a plain white tee base. Some rules for wearing a statement necklace (pictured) would be - 
  • Style it with a simple outfit
  • Keep the rest of your jewelry simple (earings),
  • If larger bust then opt for shorter piece so doesn't sit on bust,
  • And lastly, when choosing the statement piece be sure to choose a color that goes with your existing wardrobe.


I think a variety of ballet flats can take your wardrobe a long way as well as being completely practical. At least one black, a beige and a colorful pair  are mandatory and if you feel daring, try an animal print as shown in my pictures! My dream pair of flats are a pair of Tory Burch Gold Flats (hint hint)


Guaranteed, if all you put on was some color on your lips, it will totally turn any frown upside down. Long live my love of lipsticks. Have you read my post on Lipsticks?x


I have two completely different types of glasses, but you can have many pairs of sunglasses, whatever takes your fancy. I have my Ray Ban Aviator Metal Sunglasses (approx. $120 that I adore, but I mostly live in my Coach Natasha Sunglasses (approx. $158


I love a big bucket bag. But I make sure it's not heavy to start with when it's empty. It's good to also have a great evening bag (pictured middle) that will go with any night time outfit. I chose black and a gold tone as I often only wear gold. The gold strap can be tucked inside the bag to make it easier to carry underarm when I want to feel like I am on the red carpet. My LV bag (pictured left) was a gift to me years ago and I know it cost my present-giver a pretty penny BUT this bag has been practically dragged through the mud and totally held up it's own so I feel it was money well spent. I love my black quilted bucket bag that I bought in Singapore at Charles and Keith about 8 years ago. It's shiny and versatile, what women love!

So Keep on Stylin' my friends and let me know what your favorite accessories are in the comments below! 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

My top 5 items x

If anyone ever asked me to choose just 5 items to take with me on a deserted island, I would have to say the following 5. (Husband and kids standard - of course!). These items make a difference to my day and put a smile on my face. So here goes.........

1. My eye/sleep mask - helps me get a good night's sleep, I totally notice the amount of times I wake up at night if I don't wear it. As they say, sleep begets sleep and I have the philosophy that sleep has a knock on effect i.e, you sleep well = you're nicer to your kids, you get more done, you don't shout at your husband as much, you eat better, you exercise better,  make better food choices, drink less coffee etc. All things to help you look and feel fabulous.
Sleep Mask, $7.95 at Bed Bath & Beyond
2. Mascara - for everyday I love 'Benefit they're real', cause it truly looks like you have falsies on. It comes off easy and I've been through countless sticks of them in my time. I always get my stash from Sephora BUT recently I was put onto some Avon Mascara's. The Avon Big & Daring Mascara (see picture below) is now my go-to for a night out on the town or date with my husband. Super thick lashes, love the look! Put two coats on and you look like you're wearing falsies. You need a really good eye make up remover for it but if I tell you the truth, I'm happy to keep it on another day or two more - shhhh, I know that's a no-no with makeup. Avon also has another I like to try for day, the Extend Extreme (see yellow stick in picture). Comes off super easy at night and goes on easy, no caking etc. 
Avon's Big and Daring, Avon's Extend Extreme and Benefits they're Real
3. Lipsticks - Have a good read of my previous post titled "Lipsticks" and it will totally explain to you why I love/adore/can't breath without Lipsticks. Below are just two of my favorite lipsticks and my list is always growing.
Clinique Chubby Stick intense in Maraschino

Maybelline's 14 hr Lipstick
4. Moisturizer - my face feels so tight and gross without it. If I don't use a good moisturizer after the shower each morning, I feel like my skin is being rubbed the wrong way the entire day. It's just not right! I recently did a post titled "Skin Care"  but you'll see my go-to is Josie Maran 47SPF for day and Origins Night-a-mins for night. Living in my late 30's, good skin care is paramount. 
5. Dry Shampoo - After much trial and error, hands down my favourite Dry Shampoo is Tresemme Dry Shampoo, you can also purchase the CVS version for a slightly cheaper price at a slightly bigger can. Both work just as good as each other, very comparable. Dry Shampoo doesn't have to be only used when you are due a wash, I use it even after I have washed and dried my hair as it gives my hair so much texture and body. Otherwise, I find it really useful as I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and love the sauna/steam room after a workout and often have to time washing my hair for after a sweaty workout.  I have tried others such as the brand Not Your Mothers, but it was useless in my opinion, I might of well have just sprayed air into my hair.
Keep on stylin!
Let me know your list of your "Top 5 Can't live without..." in the comments below.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Stella & Dot x

As you all know I can be a bit of a jewelry junkie and I recently attended a Stella & Dot Trunk show at a neighbours house. I was keen to get my hands on the pieces as I had perused the website and I liked what I saw - alot.
There is a plethora of jewlery pieces to please everyone. Delicate pieces, chunky pieces, monogrammed pieces, things for your little girls/big girls, earrings, bracelets, purses, Ipad covers, pouf bags, diaper bags, jewelry travel cases, statement pieces, handbags, scarves... the list goes on.

So what did I choose, I hear you say? ........ The Lila Necklace! $69 (well priced in my opinion)
Look at the smile on my face, do I look happy wearing it? YES!

The packaging is both beautiful and practical, I can keep the necklace safe and sound when I am not wearing it.

My daughter came with me and along with the yummy refreshments the host supplied us, she loved looking at the line they carry for girls her age. She is highly allergic to nickel in earrings so we were happy Stella & Dot carry Sterling Silver pieces.  She is 8 and quite a fashionista in the making. She chose these pieces......
Again, look at the adorable packaging to store it in!  From Paris with Love necklace $22, trio earring set in Sterling Silver $50.
As you can see in the pictures below, some examples of the many varied styles of jewelry to please everyone from those that like a statement piece to those that like wearing something a bit more delicate. 
Fanella Statement Necklace $168

These more delicate necklaces range from $44 to $59

Janice Studs $24

Somervell Necklace $59/Elodie Necklace $89

Monogrammed pieces $36-$70
I was also highly impressed with this fabulous tote that could take you from day to night. Carry all your bits in the big tote by day and then simply snap off the evening bag when you go to meet your girlfriends for cocktails. 
The Shift BLACK PERF $198

So there you have it, my fellow Yummo Mummo's. Hope you enjoyed looking at some very lovely pieces of jewelry. Feel free to leave me a comment/suggestion below. If you want to purchase yourself, you need to do it through a stylist. I used
Keep on Stylin!

Please note: I am in no way affiliated with Stella&Dot and write this blog post from my own experience at a Trunk show. Based on this Yummomummo's personal style and opinion.