Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Outfit Inspiration - my Memorial Day x

I know my readers especially love an outfit post from YummoMummo. And I love doing them! So this post is about what I wore to celebrate Memorial Day this weekend, as I gathered with some good friends and we took advantage of the end of crab season. As the fashion saying goes, "Never wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day", so I've pulled out my white jacket to tie this outfit together. (Just for the record, I don't believe that saying. I think you should wear white anytime you fashionably want!)

I know exactly what you are thinking! Why wear a white jacket when I am going to be cracking crabs? I say why not! The printed tee is just plain fun, something everyone needs in their wardrobe. "Clothes Before Bros". Word.
Paired with my velvet NYDJ leggings makes this outfit comfort plus, and everyone needs an elastic waistband when they are going to an eating fest.
White Jacket H&M/Printed Tee (current) Target)/NYDJ Velvet Leggings
These shoes are incredibly comfortable. They have 'comfort flex' so I can wear a bit of height and feel uber comfortable. Especially great for broad feet like mine. I am always surprised how much a printed shoe can be pulled into an outfit. A different take on the simple black shoe I could of used. Shoes (current)/Payless Shoesource
 The Voyager Cuff Anchor bracelet from Stella and Dot (current), ties in great with a nautical themed evening. Stacked with my chunky gold bracelet (Christmas present years ago).
Our chefs for the night. Juyi Spivak and Christopher. Juyi is the brainchild behind Jalan Spice. She is taking her Singapore heritage and teaching others how to make fabulous Singapore dishes in their own kitchen. On the menu that night was Black Pepper Crab and Chilli Crab. I took her class on Laksa, and she really took us behind the scenes of the ingredients. A truly talented chef and her food is amazing! Available for parties. Find Juyi at her Jalan Spice blog or follow her on Instagram.
On another note, I lived in Singapore for 6 years so chili/black pepper crab was a recurring event on a Friday night. Such good memories.
 We were very blessed. Our hosts shared with us this 22 year old bottle of Dom Perignon. It was perfection!
So that's all folks. How did you spend your Memorial Day?

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sales this Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is this weekend, so in my book, that means an extra day for SHOPPING! I had a sneak peek into three stores to give you the dish on some items on sale this weekend.  For those in the Bay Area, I adore Hillsdale Mall, it's my pick of places to take clients shopping.

Old Navy
I know this will surprise some that have seen my accessory collection for themselves, but I have been getting a little bored of what I have (insert gasp). So perhaps I might have to take advantage of this great sale at Old Navy to get myself some fun new pieces.  In fact, the entire store is on sale. Neon's and bright statement pieces are a great *SS15 item. On sale, you'll see everything from necklaces to bracelets, earrings to rings.  

Time to update your look and play with some fun summer sunglasses........

Stay tuned for next week's blog post about what glasses to wear for your face shape!   In the meantime, my 3-year old fashion intern and I found you some fun glasses to try for the summer. There are also far more sensible pairs (but I prefer the fun ones - my fav is top right!)

Below is my latest Old Navy pick this week and I certainly had fun wearing it while trying to harness summer and sunshine to a very unusually grey California week. I first found inspiration from fellow blogger Ask Suzanne Bell, who donned this dress. $22, yes, just $22! Paired with a navy cardigan that day and some white/gold statement earrings. Love the different shades of blues/purples in the dots.

H & M
Want to embellish in some fringe this season. Another *SS15 shout out!  Have some fun playing with  this fun number for only $14.99, this weekend only. 

H&M also have swimwear cover ups on sale and for only $9.95. A print for everyone. Read my post on Yummo Mummo - Swimsuit Edition for more poolside inspiration.

Gap will have 40% off the entire store. So I think this could be a great chance for you to grab a great staple in anyone's closet - the chambray shirt. Pick your wash and have some fun. Need some inspiration? Read my post on Seven Chambray Shirt Inspirations.
I am off to a White Party to celebrate a friends birthday next weekend and I have a white dress, now for the shoes. I did find these super cute white espadrilles. I love that they are a white vegan leather vs a cloth material that is sure to get stained in a New York minute, as white shoes do so easily.  These babies would be down to $40+ with the 40% off. Looks like a no-brainer, and a fun shoe, for many summers to come! 
* Spring/Summer 2015

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Silicon Valley Fashion Week

If you follow me on Facebook, you will recall me bragging mentioning that I was going to attend the 1st Annual Silicon Valley Fashion Week. Wow, what a fun night!   I attended the closing night which featured wearables from crowd funded designers to drones replacing supermodels on the catwalk.  The Valley is unlike any other place in terms of technology and innovation, so the show was far from the norm.  It was held at The Chapel, a venue for  music and events.The Chapel occupies an historic 1914 building that was originally built as a mortuary and has now been renovated.

Who can spot the supermodel drone?
      What does one wear to Silicon Valley Fashion week? Does this jumpsuit look familiar? Jumpsuit post here.

My partners in fashionable crime for the night, Anna and Monica. 

So on with the show.......

Meet "The Suitsy", the adult pajama one-piece. The Silicon Valley dress code for work is VERY casual. Coders have their typical uniform of a Google or Facebook hoodie and jeans, start ups geeks don a button down shirt and pants.
The Suitsy creator, Jesse Herzog and Silicon Valley-based retailer, Betabrand, have been turning the concept piece into a reality. 
For an interesting read on how one blogger wore this suit for an entire week (slept in it too) and didn't get noticed to be wearing a onesie, read this interesting and fun article from  Business Insider.

Zackees founder Zach Vorhies dons a glowing jacket which is designed to give bicyclists more visibility when riding at night. There are ALOT of cyclists in the Bay Area. Check out https://zackees.com to see all light up attire to keep cyclists safe in the dark. I especially like their great light flashing hand gloves, perfect for hand signaling (and I'm thinking the dance floor too).

My favorite of the night was the Paparazzi Proof reflective clothing embedded with reflective glass from the Flashback Collection with BetaBrand
Check Anna out wearing this reflective glass jacket! They also do suits and a scarf (shown in back). Click to read this great article at WIRED to learn more about the Flashback collection.

And while you are on Valencia Street, go check out the beautiful clothes and accessories at Curator at 1173 Valencia Street San Francisco. I love their things! (Look at the stained glass pendants middle right square - adorbs). 

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

YummoMummo - Swimsuit Edition Part #2!

Alright fashionista's, it's time for Part 2 of YummoMummo-Swimsuit Edition. I will show you how to find the perfect swimsuit for you body type this summer. If you have not read Part 1 where I strut my stuff in my own swimsuits for the season, click here to catch up on  Part 1, Cover Ups featured last week on the blog. 
Let's get one thing straight, I LOVE shopping but I HATE shopping for a swimsuit. Change room lights are enough to make even the most fashionable woman feel anxious! Who's with me?
Read all the way to the bottom to see fellow fashion blogger Ask Suzanne Bell in her post "Poolside, Vegas!".
So let's break it down into some different body types: (don't take note of the model, they don't represent the actual shape always)

Pear shapes

 Consider wearing horizontal stripes as well as prints, patterns and ruffles  on the top half, as they will draw the eye away from the bottom.  Sweetheart necklines will add the illusion of curves and padded cups will help fill you out a little more. Halter style will be the most flattering, as it will broaden your shoulders. High cut legs will help elongate your lower half. Avoid high waisted bikinis, as well as skirted bottoms or boy legs as they won't flatter at all. Here are a couple of examples of what you could wear. Also consider a tankini with a patterned top and solid dark bottom.

Ruffle Swimsuit from BodenUSA // $88 // Boden. 
This is the suit I was wearing in my blogpost, but in black. 

Apple shape

Apples shapes carry their weight in their mid-section with no well-defined waist, have fabulous legs and/or boobs. Creating a waistline is the goal when looking for swimwear. Black is not only slimming but also never goes out of fashion, just like a little black dress. Ruching around the stomach in small amounts can also be a good thing, just be careful not to overdo it. Avoid choosing a swimsuit with too much detail and fabric as this will add bulk to your midsection. High cut bottoms will make your thighs look larger. Avoid itsy bitsy teeny weenie bikinis. I also love the idea of color blocking.
One shoulder Bandeau One Piece from Target // $31.99 // Also comes in Blue and Black
The shoulder detail will bring the eyes up and show off those great shoulders. The slight ruching at the waist is just enough for you to feel pulled in, but not adding bulk.


If you've got an hourglass figure, flaunt it!  The hourglass is characterized by a fuller bust and bottom/thighs in contrast to a smaller waist. Wear tops with under wire and thick straps to hold up your bust and enhance you in all the right places. Prints and bold colors are all yours! Go for it!
Don't wear a tankini as you don't want to hide your waist. And don't wear ruffles in places you want to hide. If you want to wear a bikini this summer but feel perhaps you don't want to go the whole way, I love love love these high waisted bikinis. The white palette is going to do two wonderful things for you - show off your fabulous tan AND go great with so many different designs in cover ups!

High Wasited Tankini from Swimsuits for All.

Strawberry shape

This shape typically has a bigger upper body than the bottom half. Think broad shoulders and a big bust in relation to the waist and hips, so bust support is most important to keep the ladies happy! A halter neck swimsuit with good support will look the most flattering. To draw attention to your hips, boy shorts or a small skirt are the way to go, high waisted bikinis will also help accentuate the area. Avoid wearing a top with skinny straps, steer clear of skimpy bottoms as they will just make your hips look smaller, which will make your upper body look larger than it already is.  Below is an example of the perfect swimsuit (not the body though), I think this design is so cute and wish it would suit my body type. 

Seafolly Summer Garden Boyshort Swimsuit //  $148.00 // Anthropologie
Long Torso
There is nothing more frustrating than having a swimsuit one piece that is giving you a wedgie and pulling down at your bust. There is always the tankini  and bikini option but if you are wanting a suggestion for a one-piece, I found this one below designed especially for the longer torso. Cute design.

Small busted

You want to create the illusion of more in the bosom area than there really is.  Don't wear thick straps as that will look disproportionate. Wear a bikini with ruffle cups. Super cute. 

Now don't forget to head on over the Ask Suzanne Bell to see more fabulous cover ups! She's just back from Vegas, baby!
On a final note, I love love love the site Swimsuits for All as they have such a great selection and their models are so authentic and real! I am loving High Wasited Bikini's! I can see a polka dot bikini in my future (but not a teeny weeny one!).

Have you found your swimsuit this summer?
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Design your own shoes!

Ever wanted to design your own shoes? I wanted to share with you an ah-mazing shoe concept that I know a lot of my girlfriends could totally appreciate. I know that I've, many times, wanted to tweak my shoe to create the perfect pair to complete my outfit. I was sent information about this shoe concept and I just had to share with my readers. And they link back to my Australian roots, now available in the USA, shipping internationally. Head to their site to start designing your own pair, I know you'll be hooked. And what would YummoMummo choose? I'd love the lower wedge. And my straps? I'll take a zebra, a brown woven and a gold, thank you very muchly. 

The Conf3ss range provides four beautifully crafted styles and a vast, colourful assembly of snappy interchangeable straps to create hundreds of different looks in an instant.
With four styles of heels and flats and dozens of designer straps on hand, they represent hundreds of shoes that essentially can fit into a handbag and are also exceedingly comfortable with extra padded lining and therapeutic magnets for extra comfort.
Catering to casual, pandering to playful or glamming it up to go out for dinner, these clever & stylish shoes save time and space at home and whilst traveling.  Never again will anyone agonise over which shoes to take and which to leave behind as well as being able to match shoes with any outfit, mood or personality in an instant.
Conf3ss offers a 365-day money back guarantee and free shipping and return policy with full refunds available according to T&Cs for dissatisfaction, discomfort or incorrect sizing.
RRP $69.95 - $89.95 AUD including 3 sets of straps, free shipping & returns, 365 day warranty.

Discliamer : I did not receive product nor money for this post. I was provided the photos and written content. The opening paragraph until the first photo are my own words.

Friday, May 8, 2015

YummoMummo - Swimsuit Edition Part #1

Alright my fashionable friends, you asked for it!  You asked me to talk swimsuits, so may I present to you Part 1, Cover UpsBe sure to read next week when I show you some of my favorite swimsuit picks for this season as well as what to wear for your body type. As my readers know, I'll be heading to Hawaii this summer to celebrate my lovely husbands big 4-0! So perfect time to put on my swimmers and show you a little YummoMummo styling.  I am showing you four VERY different looks so there should be something for every taste. All cover ups are from Target, so a very affordable fashion item.

The Long Kimono // $24.99 // Duster Kimono Black
I love the length of this swimmer kimono in purples, blues and blacks. It is like wearing a super flowy bathrobe. This cover up could also double up as a long kimono over a black sundress - two outfits in one. Love versatility in a piece!  
The ruching in the front is perfect for taming the tummy and mid-section. This swimsuit was gifted and is originally from Boden USA. The color is a deep purple, so fun to play with a color.

The Sarong Wrap // $19.99 // Xhilaration Skirt Black/White Ikat
A black suit is such a great staple and I love how the details of the scalloped criss-cross across the bust gives it that little bit more something. This was gifted and is Anthropologie.
The skirt is actually a sarong wrap that has been made into a skirt so the tying is already done for you, just pull it on! The tribal design will bring you right into SS15 and you can never go wrong with a monochromatic look! So classic.

The Eyelet Dress // $19.99  // Merona Cover Up Sour Cream
I had a lot of fun styling this outfit, as you can see. The cover up is perfect for putting over a wet swimsuit as the eyelets let in a lot of breeze. The tie waist brings it in for a more flattering look. I paired it with my daughters headband from Claire's to add a fun pop and tie the outfit together. 
And what a cute beach bag! Love the colors against the neutral base.
The Crochet Pant // $19.99 // Xhilaration Black Pant

These pants scream FUN! Paired with a black swimsuit, pop them on and head on over to the poolside restaurant for lunch!

WYMWBWTS (What YummoMummo will be wearing this summer)

So these are my two swimsuits I will be wearing this summer. The left is fun, colorful, patterned, ruched, and can convert for strapless wear. The right is completely different in an always flattering black, has a tie waist, and scalloped V.  Two very different pieces. 

Stay tuned for my post next week on everything this season's swimsuits and what to wear for your body type! 

Have you found your summer swimwear? 
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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Belif in your skin x

I just had to give you the 4-1-1 on this new facial moisturizer I was put onto at Sephora recently. It is the bomb, the Aqua Bomb to be specific!  Anytime I head into Sephora, I love to pick the beauty brains of those that work there and I was told I just HAD to try this new product, just in. I was given a sample and off I went on my merry way (with some credit card damage as usual, but plenty more VIB - Very Important Beauty - points!). I tried the sample over two mornings and was blown away (by this Aqua Bomb). 

I loved it. 

Two bonus points - you can use on top of make up for a midday moisture boost AND use it as a hydration boost mask (apply generously for 5 minutes and tissue off). It's gel-like, lightweight, absorbs beautifully and is for normal/combination skin.

 Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb // $38 // sephora.com
A lightweight formula that I feel is especially perfect for summer when we don't need a heavy cream to combat dry winter skin. 
I love that it does not contain :Parabens / Sulfates / Phthalates


This product is dermatologist tested and free of mineral oils, petrolatum, synthetic preservatives, dyes, and fragrances, and animal origin ingredients.

To quote Sephora.com "Aqua Bomb is an ultra-lightweight, mineral oil-free gel-cream that instantly cools and refreshes skin while providing intensive hydration. This formula contains a blend of apothecary herbs, including antioxidant-rich lady's mantle, which helps neutralize skin-damaging free radicals, improves skin elasticity, and minimizes the appearances of pores. This refreshing cream is formulated to 'burst' when applied, releasing a flood of weightless moisture onto skin, and then absorb completely for a healthy, smooth, supple appearance". 

I will point out that it does not contain any SPF, but luckily my foundation does. I wish it did contain SPF though, for my make up free days! 

Have you tried any Belif products? What's your greatest Sephora find recently? 

Please leave me a comment below. I read and respond to ALL comments.

Friday, May 1, 2015

A jumpsuit right on Target!

As you have already heard me say, I am jump(suit)ing for joy that we have these one piece lovelies in for another summer.  I love an all-in-one that you can just slip into, throw on a few accessories and be ready to rock it out the door. I found this fun  jumpsuit at Target on a recent galavant. Boy, oh, boy I am loving it! I have paired it with some slip-on blinged out sandals, and finished the outfit off with a fresh white beaded necklace. 
(Xhilaration Printed Tulip Top Jumpsuit // $29.99 HERE) Pockets! As you know, I adore pockets in a jumpsuit or a dress. Makes a casual outfit all the more fun. Click HERE to read another fun jumpsuit adventure I had at Marshall's recently.
This jumpsuit is going to bring me a lot of fun as I head into summer 2015, ready to relax with the kids and have some summer adventures. I picked up these sunnies at H&M during the winter and I have worn them a tonne. Love, love, love them!
I recently picked up these sandals from Payless on a  BOGO offer. I got them for $10. Happy Days!
A shout out to my little photography sidekick. He is so patient with me. I am a Mum to three little ones, but I am also my own photographer, make up artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, editor, writer, and dreamer.  All things I've learnt on the job in my blogging adventures. Wouldn't change it for all the tea in china.

Have you found your summer jumpsuit? 
Leave me a comment below, I read and respond to ALL comments.