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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Shop your own wardrobe - Party Dress!

I attended a VERY important event last Saturday night and wanted to share my outfit. Everything was from shopping my own wardrobe (AKA using what I had). I have found similar online for you in case you want to shop this look for yourself!  If you want a load more #Shopyourownwardrobe inspiration, read my previous post about a shopping ban for 2015 HERE.

So how does YummoMummo start putting an outfit together? What goes on in that fashion passion head of hers? Truth be told, what helps me fall asleep at night is co-ordinating outfits in my head. For reals! 

I started with THE DRESS. Love this dress. It was gifted to me by a dear friend so I always think of her when I wear it. It's a navy blue lace dress over a nude slip. I love the color, the femininity, the waistline and the length. 

After I have chosen the dress, the centerpiece, it's time to start to hone in on the finer details. The accessories! I was very bold in my necklace choice by mixing lace and cheetah. When I'm in the mood to be a bit more daring with my necklace, I go for it! I liked it and that's what matters most! Gold and navy blue always go so great together. The cheetah is surrounded by gold and the gold helps break up (vs putting the cheetah straight on navy lace).  Another suggestion could be to also add a leopard clutch. Fun! 
The earrings. Since I had such a bold necklace, I chose a very simple gold hoop. Very classic. Gold hoops are such a staple! (Update: I lost one hoops tearing it up on the dance floor - Boo to that!).
The shoes. These pumps are so comfortable and my best shoe choice when I know I am going to hit the dance floor. They have a wedge heel so this provides a lot of support. 
The bracelet. This was gifted by another dear friend so again, it reminds me of her when I wear it. I have some nice friends, hey! And my friends totally get my style! 
The nails. My pop of color was this "Electric Red" by Sinful Colors.  For my previous rave about Sinful Colors nail polish, click HERE. The best $1.99 nail polish around town! 
I have created a set on Polyvore so you can shop this look yourself. Details below. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

30+ outfit inspirations from July!

Do you ever look at your closet and think "I have nothing to wear?". Well, in true YummoMummo fashion, I am going to provide you all my outfit of the days for the month of July. These Outfits of the Day (#OOTD) are what I put on Instagram once a day. It is what I have worn  on my errands, to spice up my Costco run, to events, on date night, on play dates, shopping for clients,  on the school run or for a night on the town. If you want even more daily outfit inspirations, follow me on Instagram @yummomummo. And yes, it takes some work to document this some days, especially with a 3 year old ready to rock it out the door, but that's what YummoMummo is here for - to inspire you to have fun with fashion and style! 

I just wanted to interject here and point out how useful it can be to photograph (document) your own outfits. If you are ever looking for a little inspiration one day, just look through your photos and you will suddenly remember that super cute outfit you wore a few weeks ago! 

You can't say I never provide enough inspiration. Hope you enjoyed the show! 

Now I have some more inspiration for you from fellow fashionable blogger Ask Suzanne Bell. Follow her on Instagram @asksuzannebell for even more #ootd. Love her style, and she is a sweetheart to boot. 

YummoMummo can do wardrobe for YOU! If you need a wardrobe audit, outfit inspirations,  personal shopping or help finding the perfect outfit, then let's make you the Yummo to my Mummo.

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Friday, July 31, 2015

A little striped maxi-dress inspo.

There are 53 days left of summer, and I don't know about you, but I have had a tonne of fun playing around with dresses this season.  Dresses are a huge part of fashionable  summer fun. And it's our female right to enjoy a great summer dress! 

Are you ready for this? I picked up this dress in the early stages of my pregnancy (4 years ago now) with my #3rd child. You know that pregnancy, the one where you look 6 months pregnant at 8 weeks. Fast forward 4 years and I am still loving this dress, especially for the length and stretch. I've had a lot of fun styling it over the years, so I wanted to share with you some of that inspiration. 

I've pulled in my Coral Mox to pick up the coral stripe in the dress. Perfecto! Read my post on MOX SHOES. The day I took these photos, my car's outdoor thermometer was 102F. It really helped knotting the hem to allow in extra air up there! LOL! 
I picked this necklace up at Francesca's last week when I was shopping for a client. I LOVE it and they had a great BOGO 50% off sale. Bonus! My daughter says it reminds her of little baking spoons.  It makes such a gentle jingling sound when I touch it, it'll be great in the Christmas season!  My denim vest - I have pulled it into a million different outfits this season, a definite staple in anyone's wardrobe. I will have EVEN MORE fun in the Fall with this denim vest as it can so easily be paired with longer sleeved tops etc.  I love the coral against the denim blue, great combo.
If you follow me on Instagram (, you would of seen a lot of my daily outfit inspirations pulling in this crochet vest from Anthropologie. I got it on sale about a month ago for $70. Again, I see A LOT more fun in the Fall with this pairing over fall colors, longer tops, jersey dresses etc. Love that!

Here is a full length shot of my dress tied at the hem. Add a simple neutral clutch and some fabulous sunnies, and I am ready to go and grab my latte and read the paper in the shade.

If you want more maxi-dress inspiration, head back to a previous post where I styled my maxi 12 ways! Click HERE  for all the fashionable details.  

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Why I said bye-bye to my scales.

Guess what? It's my anniversary. Not your typical anniversary though. It's been ONE year since I got on my scales and felt my stomach hit the floor. A feeling I was ready to wave bye-bye to, for good. For me it does not create a positive body image.  It highlighted things I didn't accept about myself. We all have our body types, our DNA, our genetics -  the things that make us unique. We are what we are.   I am blessed with this body, the three children it's carried, the breath is gives me to go on about life and build cherished memories. And I'll never weigh 130 pounds, unless I ate air for my three meals a day! 
The final straw for me was when I had gone on a trip to Australia for 5 weeks last summer. I simply adore Australian food, and any overseas expat will tell you that they totally gorge on all the scrumptious things they miss being overseas -  the bakeries, the cheeses, the Cadbury's chocolate made in Australia. Not to mention the consumption of wine at the constant catch up's with loved ones.  I also didn't have access to my usual exercise routine, so working off that gorgeous food went to the wayside. I got home, and right back on my lifestyle program, as I have done for 7 years now and have embedded into my life. I even joined a boot camp on Groupon. Moving along, I worked my butt off for about 2 weeks and got on those scales. It took me days to sike myself up.  I had put on 4 pounds. My heart sunk, tears streamed out of my eyes and I sounded so utterly pathetic to myself. I called my husband in tears. He thought something severely catastrophic must of happened to call him in such a panic. "I put on 4 pounds". It sounded like such a first world problem. And that's when I realized it was out of control.
There are times in life where we have an unhealthy relationship with something or someone, and you need to detach yourself from that thing or person. That was the scales for me. It's not healthy for me, it brings me down, it detracts from the awesomeness in my life.
A year later, and it's been the best darn year in respect to my body image. It's a part of how YummoMummo got started. I really wanted to celebrate myself, have fun with myself, highlight what I loved about my body. Celebrate my delicious pear shape.  I started to accept the things I could not change. I'm not a lover of my legs but instead of shaming that, I celebrate ways I can elongate them,  wear what's right for my body type.

This summer I put a photo of myself on Instagram in my swimsuit. Gasp. I never would of done that in a million years before.

Here I am sunning myself in Hawaii, on my 39th birthday. I found myself a great bikini for the summer that let me have some fun with a  season  trend (high-waisted bikinis) and suited my body type. I'm loving life! 

So here we are, a year later. 

On my anniversary. 

And a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, pardon the pun! 

I appreciate everyone is unique and the scales won't bring about panic for others that it did me. And I also appreciate that others have a weight loss journey that totally requires scales. My opinion is unique to me and not a reflection on what I think others should do.

It is important for me to maintain my weight. Diabetes is a big factor in my family so I am still very conscious to take care of myself in the present, to avoid future problems. I live by some general routines that are enough for me. I drink mainly water (the rare diet soda), a large portion of my diet are fruit and vegetables, I make sure I get my 8 hours sleep in at night, I go the gym 4 times a week as well as daily habits of walking and biking with the kids. And I go by my clothes. If my skinny jeans are feeling a little tight, I ramp things up a bit and it all evens out again.  As well, for women, there are so many factors that can play with the scales such as your period, hormones, water retention etc. 

So there you have it folks. I hope you can appreciate I have dug a little deeper for you in this post and I hope it inspires you in your own life to change the things you can, and to accept the things you cannot. 

If you follow me on social media, you would have heard me announce that I am now a Global Ambassador for the Body Image Movement (BIM). I was doing cartwheels in my head when I found out. You will be hearing more about it in a future blog post so stay tuned for that. But the movement is teaching women a lesson we are slowly forgetting - to love ourselves from the inside out, and celebrate our awesomeness. That you are enough!
For the Kickstarter trailer for the documentary Embrace currently in production, click  HERE from your mobile device.

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* Disclosure - This blogpost is written on my perspective and should not be taken as word to do the same. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Magic skirt! 1 skirt - 10 ways

Have you ever come across one of these skirts? The kind they say can be worn up to 100 ways? In true fashion blogger style, this is what I brought home from my Hawaii vacation. And those of you who know me so well, know that versatility is one of my favorite subjects when it comes to a fashion item. I'm showing you 10 ways.

I know there are some of you out there who have this skirt sitting in your wardrobe and you've totally forgotten how to wear it (I know two lovely ladies for sure), so pull it out and let me show you some ways to wear it. Follow me on my FB page and you'll see some upcoming video tutorials on each one shown here. 
Here is the skirt just classically wrap tied around my waist! I love the high waist, it hits me at my most flattering place, the smallest part of my waist.
This is a really fun way to wear the skirt, it becomes a dress! I've thrown on my sleeveless  denim vest. This adds a little something as well as giving me something on my shoulders if I'm not feeling like a strapless look. Comfort equals confidence. 
This look is so easy to achieve.  It's basically holding the skirt at the armpits and then tying it in a criss cross around the neck. (Don't forget to follow me at for video tutorial)
One more step on the last, pull two of the top layers up and tie.
Turning it into a one shoulders strap. All the looks are completely different. 
Just a little twist here, and a twist there and there we have it! 
Love how it becomes a long flowy top. Add some flared black jeans and my denim vest and I have on one of my most favorite outfits of July! 
I'd love to wear this on a romantic date night with my wonderful husband. Adding my crochet vest (see pic below) and things totally change.
And lastly, it can be worn as a wrap, a poncho, a shawl - whatever you want to call it. The Bay Area climate I live in is so cool at night, and sunny and gorgeous during  the day. Perfect!
The skirt was sold in a street stall by Island Republic (can't find online) and cost $80 (I negotiated)!  For the versatility, I was willing to spend the money.  I chose a monochrome polka dot design as I felt it could be pulled together all year. Polka dots are such a classic, I will never tire of the design on this skirt. Pair with some cute brown boots in the winter time! And wear it as shown in the summer. However, there are some super cute colorful prints to buy. If you know anyone heading to Waikiki, I can point them in the direction of the stall that sold these skirts. 
I have found a YOU TUBE TUTORIAL that shows very easy instructions.
I have also found another company that sells them, for $120, at

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